Pastoral Theology in the Letters of Paul:The Basis for Paul's Pastoral Responsibility
Nathan K. NG

Being a Roman Pope, Gregory the Great has long been neglected by Protestant scholars. However, as reformer John Calvin noticed, the doctrinal and pastoral concept of Gregory was actually very biblical. His standard could be used to criticize the practice of the Medieval Catholic Church. This article examines his famous treatise Regulae Pastorlis and connects its teachings with our Chinese Church situation.
After summarizing the main teachings of the Regulae, the article finds that many points suggested by Gregory are still appropriate for us. Amongst many others, six reflections are specially pointed out. These include recruiting more good leaders to participate in the task of teaching, balancing care of the inner and outer life, accepting diversity amongst believers, deepening pastoral care that transcends external behavior, focusing on spiritual nurturing, and leading with humility. The guidelines proposed in Gregory's Regulae Pastorlis are certainly still valuable for spiritual care in the churches today.