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Issue 34(Dec 2014)
Spiritual Care
There are 6 theme articles, 2 miscellaneous articles and 4 book reviews

Theme Articles
WONG Fook Kong Solomonic Teachings on Spiritual Care in the Book of Proverbs
Jonathan W. LO Pastoral Theology in the Letters of Paul:The Basis for Paul's Pastoral Responsibility
Nathan K. NG Spiritual Care in the RegulaePastoralis of Gregory the Great
Andres S. TANG Re-thinking of Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Lecture "Spiritual Care"
Lindsay ROBERTSON Lay Spiritual
Simon Shui-man KWAN The Construct of "Hope" in Spiritual Care—An Empirical Exploration of Its Contextualization
Miscellaneous Articles
Kwong-pui CHAN The Spirituality of Giulio Aleni in Tianzhu Jiansheng Yanxing Jilüe and Tianzhu Jiansheng Yanxing Jixiang
Peter HSU A Christian Activist's Reflection on Deirdre Cornell'sJesus Was a Migrant
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