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Administration and Education Block

The Administration and Education Block is four stories high. The administration offices are located on the ground floor. The Multi-purpose Hall (John & Mary Memorial Chapel) can accommodate 140 people. It is furnished with a piano and a full set of audio-visual facilities for weddings, a variety of meetings such as lectures, and video conferencing. Adjacent to the Hall are two multi-purpose conference rooms which can seat up to 80 people.

The seven classrooms of varying sizes are on the first and second floors. Most of the classrooms are equipped with an LCD projector, a video recorder and player, and a screen. Each of the medium size classrooms can accommodate 30 people, and the small classrooms 15 people. The Lecture Theater situated on the second floor can accommodate 120 people and is equipped with a piano and audio-visual facilities for teleconferencing. There is also a computer training room on the second floor with twelve sets of computers with Internet facilities available for students.

The President's Office, the Dean of Academic Affairs' Office, the faculty offices, and a conference room are located on the third floor. Three classrooms located in the new extension of the third floor of the Administration and Education Block include one large size classroom that can accommodate 45 people and two medium size classrooms that can accommodate 30 people. The fourth floor houses additional faculty offices, four piano practice rooms, an organ practice room, a studio for audio-visual production, and two small classrooms equipped with pianos.