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Doctor of Theology

Entrance Requirements

  1. Holder of an accredited Master of Theology, Master of Philosophy, Doctor of Ministry degree or equivalent;
  2. Obtained TOEFL or IELTS score;
  3. Passed an interview with the Graduate Studies Committee.

Academic Requirements

  1. Major: Biblical Studies (Old or New Testament), Christian Thought (Theology or History), or Practical Theology (Mission, Pastoral Care, or Religious Education);
  2. No course work is required.
  3. A supervisor will be assigned to the applicant after formal acceptance is granted.
  4. The student is required to prepare for his/her examinations by reading a list of books and articles formed in consultation with his/her supervisor.
  5. A two-stage Examination of Candidacy must be completed within two years after admission.
    A. First Stage
    Required language test - Hebrew, Greek, Latin, German, French or other language translation
    B. Second Stage
    a. General test
    b. Concentration test
  6. A dissertation prospectus must be submitted within six months after successful completion of the Examination of Candidacy. Advancement to Doctor of Theology candidacy will be granted after the prospectus is approved by the Graduate Studies Committee.
  7. The dissertation must be submitted within five years after the approval of the prospectus. The dissertation may be written in Chinese or English (no more than 150,000 words in Chinese; 100,000 words in English). In addition, the student is required to present his/her research twice in conferences organized or approved by our Seminary.
  8. Passing of an oral defense.

Program Duration

Students are required to complete the program within seven years.