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Library Regulations

Borrowing rules

1. The presentation of a valid library card is needed when borrowing library materials.
2. All library materials must be checked out at the circulation counter before they can be taken away from the Library.
3. Borrowing Privilege

4. General Books: General library books may be borrowed for 14 days.
5. Reserve Books: Reserve books may be borrowed for 2 hours, or checked out no earlier than one hour before the Library is closed. Users must return the reserve books within one hour after the Library is reopened.
6. Non-loan Items: Reference books, CD-ROMs, LPs, theses and periodicals must not be taken out of the library.
7. Return: All borrowed items must be returned on or before the due date.
8. Renewal: All loans may be renewed at any time up to the maximum loan period unless a hold or recall has been placed. The new due date is calculated from the date of renewal. Materials may be renewed through internet or by telephone on or before the last date of the initial loan period.
9. Overdue: Overdue items may also be renewed. The overdue fine will be charged to your account.
10. Recall: Books requested by other borrowers may be recalled 14 days after they have been on a regular loan. However, when the books are needed for "Putting on Reserve" purpose, the Librarian may recall a book, which has been borrowed for less than 14 days, for immediate return.
11. Fine: Fines for overdue materials will be calculated according to the opening days of the library and will be charged as follows:

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12. Damage and Loss: Any borrower who returns an item that has been damaged or who loses an item will be held responsible for the total cost required for replacing the item, including the processing charge of $30 and any accumulated overdue fine.
13. Lost card: must be reported to the library immediately. The re-issuing of a new card is subject to a fine of $100.
14. Visitor: Individual visitor or group visitation can be admitted only with the prior permission of the Librarian
15. Suspension of Borrowing Privilege: The borrowing privilege of library users will be suspended under the following circumstances: Library materials taken without checking out; Unpaid fines or failure to make compensation for lost items; Refusal in following reasonable instructions given by library staff.

Conduct of Library User

1. Bags and briefcases may be brought into the library. However, the library reserves the right to search them and will not be responsible for any loss or damage.
2. No food and drinks, or games of any form, are permitted in the library.
3. Personal mobile phones must be turned off or mute in the library at all times.
4. Library users are required to sit in the places provided. No tables or chairs should be moved to a new position.
5. Silence must always be observed in the library.
6. Reservation of seats is normally not allowed except when a reservation application is approved by the Librarian.
7. Books and personal property left unattended on the study carrels may be removed by library staff without prior notice to the owner.
8. All library furniture, equipment and library materials must be kept clean. No personal marks should be made on the books or periodicals.
9. Library users will be held responsible for any loss of or damages done to library materials.
10. Reproduction or duplication of audio-visual material or computer software is strictly prohibited.
11. In the use of photocopying machines in the library, copyright laws must be observed.