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Financial Assistance and Scholarships

1. Purpose

Students receiving full-time ministerial training in the Seminary are committed to the call of God to vocational Christian ministry. They have given up their career and prepared to be equipped mentally, psychologically, and spiritually. It is essential for students to adopt a financial plan that allows smoother transition for the individual as well as for their family on admission to the Seminary. As such, a Financial Assistantship Program has been devised to ease student’s financial burden. The assistantship comes in different forms and means.

2. Forms of Assistantship

A. Loans
The Seminary facilitates two types of loans, (i) Tuition Loan, and (ii) Emergency Loan:
  1. Tuition Loan
    This loan serves as a means of financial aid for paying the student’s school tuition fees. Application should be submitted to the Director of Student Affairs during the registration period in each semester. The maximum amount of loan approved will be the amount of school tuition fee paid by the student in that semester.
  2. Emergency Loan
    Students who are in financial need due to unforeseeable circumstances may apply for assistance. Application should be made directly to the Director of Student Affairs.
B. Assistantships
The establishment of this is to provide students with the educational opportunities to develop their abilities in academic research and receive financial aid at the same time. There are two kinds of Assistantships, namely Classroom Assistants and Research Assistants which are tenable to second year or above full-time students.

C. Work Grant
  1. The amount of the grant covers the expenses of a student: tuition, textbook fee, medical (hospitalized) insurance fee, wi-fi service fee, meals on school days and residence fee or transportation fee between campus and home for those who live off campus. The final amount approved would vary according to individual needs.
  2. The Seminary will act on behalf of individual students in the application of financial assistantships. The Seminary assesses individual applications to determine the amount to be granted before submitting formal application to the donors, whether it is an individual donor or an established fund or foundations. If the amount granted by the donors does not meet the amount approved, the difference will be supplemented by the Seminary.
  3. The disbursement is in the form of a grant and repayment is not required. Work grant recipients are required to complete 80 hours of work assignment per semester (an average of 5 hours a week).
D. Spouse Assistantship of Full-time Students
This assistantship is meant to provide tuition subsidy for the spouse of a full-time student. Successful applicants will have their tuition fee of any study mode be halved.

3. Scholarships

A. Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary New Student Scholarship
The Scholarship provides financial support for newly admitted Baptist students who demonstrate commitment in their church ministry and who have an outstanding academic performance. The amount of scholarship is the tuition fee for the whole school year.

B. Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary Student Scholarship
This Scholarship serves to encourage students to a fuller development in their academic study and community life in the Seminary. The amount of scholarship is the tuition fee for the whole school year.

4. Awards

The awards will be presented to the students with outstanding performance in different aspects.