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New Academic Building

With a total floor area of 10,000 square feet, the four-story New Academic Building was completed by the end of 2021, signifying the celebration of the Seminary’s 70th Anniversary. A recreation and leisure area is located on the ground floor equipping with fitness equipment for the Seminary community to build a strong physical body and get ready to serve God. The first floor is where the Publication Office and Distance Learning Education locate. It serves as a nurturing ground for local and overseas Christians who are longing for seeking Christian faith.

In view of the growing number of post-graduate students, the second floor of the building is dedicated to the graduate school with student learning commons facilitating individual research and group discussions. The third floor is exclusively for research. It comprises the Hong Kong Baptist Archive Centre, the Advanced Theological Research Centre and a Grand Conference Hall which can accommodate up to 80 persons. Christian scholars from different disciplines can have a common platform to reflect on and respond to current issues faced by churches.