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Waste Recycling Program

The seminary canteen and quarters produce a considerable amount of food waste daily. In 2019, our canteen entered into an agreement with a food waste recycling company to collect food waste from our campus regularly.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, there was a drastic reduction in the amount of food waste from the seminary and the neighboring eateries. With limited profit, the food waste recycling company stopped collecting food waste from the seminary. Yet, it became a turning point for our recycling program.

In July 2020, we purchased a food waste composter by installments to convert food waste into organic fertilizers to nourish the plants on our campus. At the seminary canteen, faculty members, staff and students follow the instructions by separating recyclable and non-recyclable food waste after each meal.

In December 2020, we moved one step forward by joining forces with Tai Po District Community Green Station, which is operated by Hong Chi Association, and launched the “Sai O Campus Waste Recycling Program”. Designated recycle bins and recycle racks for small electrical appliances and compact fluorescent lamps and tubes have been set up on the ground floor of the married student quarters. Our administrative staff have also prepared a Sai O Campus Waste Recycling Program Booklet to introduce to all the seminary community members the greening facilities and waste recycling procedures. The Sai O Campus Waste Recycling Program Report is issued regularly to update our members on the progress of the program.


Currently, ten categories of recycled items are being collected on our campus. In 2023, the total amount being collected reached 5,155.9 kg! Papers contributed to the largest amount of recycled items with a total of 3,640.5 kg, followed by plastics (529.7 kg) and small electrical appliances (348.3 kg). The food waste composter has produced 97 kg of compost in 2023 for fertilizing the plants on the Sai O Campus.