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Degree Subject: Introduction to the New Testament

suject Degree Subject: Introduction to the New Testament
content This course aims to introduce: 1. The history and religious characteristics of the Jews during the Second Temple period; 2. The important historical events of the Heroic world during this period, as well as its philosophical and religious characteristics; 3. The main features of each book in the New Testament Message and theological emphasis. After completing this subject, students will have a basic understanding of the New Testament and some related academic issues. .
Lecturer Dr. Shum Siu-lin
Doctor of Philosophy, University of Glasgow, UK
Master of Christian Studies from Virgin Theological Seminary, Canada
object A mature Christian who graduated from high school.
date 20/10/2023-26/1/2024 (Every Friday, 14 classes in total, classes will be closed on 22/12 Winter Solstice)
time 7:00-10:00 pm
Place You can choose real-time Zoom video or physical class mode (physical class location: 7th Floor, Christian Building, 56 Bute Street, Mongkok, Kowloon)
cost Auditor HK$5,340.00
Quota 40
Remark This undergraduate course is a subject of the Master of Arts in Christian Studies program, and you are welcome to take it as an audit. Anyone with an attendance rate of 80% or above can apply for an "auditing certificate". Please click here to enter the course introduction
Deadline for registration One week before the course start date or while seats are full
Registration form Online Application Download PDF Forms