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Non-degree subjects: Elderly Recreation and Sports Ministry (full quota)

suject Non-degree subjects: Elderly Recreation and Sports Ministry (full quota)
content Hong Kong's population is aging, and the number of elderly people is increasing. The purpose of this course is to introduce the recreation and sports ministry for the elderly. Students can learn about age growth and physical changes, ways to deal with mental stress, health and exercise, physical fitness testing and training, singing hymns and doing gymnastics. Students also learned to apply and practice the course contents to promote elderly recreation and sports ministry in the church.

1. Take some stress off
2. Physiological changes and muscle development with age, sports and health, safety measures for sports training, stretching exercises
3. Popularize the understanding of gymnastics, teach the elderly to popularize gymnastics suggestions, practical training (freehands, ball)
4. Physical fitness: cardiorespiratory endurance, physical fitness test for the elderly
5. Popularize practical gymnastics training (band exercises, creative equipment)
6. Chair training and popular gymnastics practice training
7. Physical Fitness: Muscle Strength and Endurance - Practical Training (Simple Activities)
8. Curriculum evaluation and practical evaluation of universal gymnastics for senior citizens
Lecturer Professor Zhang Xiaoyan (Emeritus Professor of the Department of Physical Education, Exercise and Health, Hong Kong Baptist University)
Dr. Cai Xiaolan (Associate Professor, Department of Sports and Recreation, Institute of Higher Education, Hong Kong)
Ms. Yu Qixia (popular gymnastics coach and referee of Hong Kong Gymnastics Federation)
object Believers who are interested in building a mature spiritual life
date 21/5–9/7 (Every Tuesday, eight sessions in total)
time 7:15pm - 9:30pm
Place Center for Applied Theological Education, Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary
8th Floor, Christian Building, 56 Bute Street, Mongkok, Kowloon (physical class mode only)
cost Registered students or auditors must be: $890
Quota 40
Remark This undergraduate course is an elective course for believers in the popular theology course. Anyone who meets the specified attendance rate and completes the instructor's course requirements will be assessed as qualified and will receive a subject certificate. Please click here to enter the course introduction
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