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Non-degree subjects: Understanding the true face of grief

suject Non-degree subjects: Understanding the true face of grief
content On the journey of life, separation is a subject we often face. How should we deal with separation and loss? When faced with grief, everyone reacts and steps differently. How can we recover from grief? And what theories in grief counseling can help us better understand the needs of the bereaved? This course helps students deepen their understanding of grief. Through theoretical and practical cases, it shares how to "cry with those who mourn" and accompany the bereaved through the valley of tears to regain peace, joy and hope in life.

1. The face of sadness
2. Theories of grief counseling
3. Family members of suicide victims
4. Grief counseling for different age groups
5. Needs of terminally ill patients
6. Understand palliative care services and advance directives
7. How to walk with bereaved families
8. Personal Reflections on Death
Lecturer Ms. Li Hong (Lecturer, Department of Social Work, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
object Believers who are interested in building a mature spiritual life
date 5/6 - 24/7 (Every Wednesday, eight sessions in total)
time 7:15pm - 9:30pm
Place Center for Applied Theological Education, Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary
7th Floor, Christian Building, 56 Bute Street, Mongkok, Kowloon (physical class mode only)
cost Registered students or auditors must be: $890
Quota 40
Remark This undergraduate course is an elective course for believers in the popular theology course. Anyone who meets the specified attendance rate and completes the instructor's course requirements will be assessed as qualified and will receive a subject certificate. Please click here to enter the course introduction
Deadline for registration May 29, 2024
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