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Issue 32 (Dec 2013)
Baptist Faith and Polity
There are 5 theme articles, 2 miscellaneous articles and 5 book reviews

Theme Articles
Andres S. TANG The Distinctiveness of Baptist: A Sketch of the Primary and Basic Insights
Jerry E. JUERGENS Baptist Local Church Polity: Responsibility under the Lordship of Christ
Vincent C. P. LAU Baptist Practice of Church-State Relations: A Historical and Theological Reflection of Religious Liberty and Church-State Separation
Nathan K. NG The Independence and Interdependence of Local Churches: Baptist Concept and Practice of Church Relationship
Chun-wah KWONG Transformation and Controversy of the Formation of Baptist Missionary Organizations: A Model of Baptists' Upholding of Voluntary Principle
Miscellaneous Articles
Sam TSANG The Way American Fundamentalism Forces Scripture to Serve Its Agenda: A Critical Assessment of Wayne Grudem's Politics-According to the Bible
Romeo CHEUNG The View of Pastors' Identity and Responsibilities by Eugene H. Peterson
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