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Issue 42 (Dec 2018)
Marriage and Sex
There are 6 theme articles, 1 miscellaneous article and 4 book reviews

Theme Articles
Andres S. TANG The Practice of Marriage from the Perspective of Discipleship: A Preliminary Investigation
PAN Yi Jung Union Experience in Spirituality and Sexuality
Joyce Wai-Lan SUN New Testament Teachings on Divorce and Remarriage: A Reflection on Contemporary Application and Improvisation
WONG Fook Kong A Biblical Theology Discussion on Same Sex Sexual Behavior
Nathan K. NG The Patristic Understanding of Scriptural Teachings on Homosexuality: Re-evaluation of the Viewpoints of John Boswell
Kai-man KWAN The Possibility and Legitimacy of Sexual Orientation Change —Scientific and Ethical Explorations
Miscellaneous Article
SHEA Chi Fung Dilemma of Inclusive Churches and the Way Forward
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