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Issue 45 (Jul 2020)
Temptation and Trial
There are 6 theme articles, 1 miscellaneous article and 4 book reviews

Thematic Articles
WONG Fook Kong Trial and Temptation:
A Biblical Theology Discussion
Jonathan W. LO The Meaning and Function of OT Citations in Matthew's Temptation Narrative
Nathan K. NG Temptation and Trial in Vita Antonii:
The Shift from Origen to Athanasius
PAN Yi Jung The Paradox of Trial:
Mother Teresa's Spiritual Experiences
Andres S. TANG From Temptation to Salvation:
The Christology of Colin E. Gunton
King-tak IP A Christian Reflection on Pastoral Sexual Misconduct
Miscellaneous Article
Ann Gillian CHU Faith and Status Quo:
What Can Post-Handover Hong Kong Churches Learn from Liberation Theology?
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