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Issue 46 (Dec 2020)
Church and State
There are 6 theme articles, 1 miscellaneous article and 5 book reviews

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Thematic Articles
LEUNG Chun Ho Bernard Emperor Worship and the Pauline Communities
Nathan K. NG Constantine and Constantinianism:
A Revisit of Its Historical Arguments
Pilgrim W. K. LO On Earth as It Is in Heaven –
The Lord's Prayer and Totalitarianism
CHENG Yang-en Reformed Attitude and Perspective on Church-State Relations:
A Diachronic Review and Evaluation
Alex K. TO Hong Kong Baptists' Views on Church-State Relationship:
A Historical Perspective (1842-1970)
Vincent C. P. LAU A Preliminary Exploration of the Concept of "State"
in John Howard Yoder's Church-State Discourse
Miscellaneous Article
Andres S. TANG Bonhoeffer's Six Types of Resistance:
The Analysis of Michael P. DeJonge
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