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  • professor retreat

Teachers and students of our college will participate in a spiritual training camp before the start of the new school year from August 16th to 18th, with the theme of "Distance and Rejection".

  • Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony for the 2022-23 academic year will be held on August 23. The opening academic lecture at the morning meeting the next day will be delivered by Dr. Liang Junhao, Assistant Professor of New Testament in our school.

  • spiritual training camp

The professors' retreat will be held from August 2 to 3, with the theme of "The Development of Theological Education in Hong Kong under the Wave of Immigration."

The 49th issue of our hospital's "Sandao Journal" was published in June, with the theme of "Human Theory". There are five special articles: "Poems for nourishing desire: looking at the reshaping of desire from Psalm 63" (Zhang Zhicong), " Paul’s View of Man, Resurrection of the Dead and 1 Corinthians Chapter 15> (Liang Junhao), "On the Breakthrough of Pannenberg’s Basic Theological Anthropology on Barth’s Basic Theological Form of Man" (Chen Jiafu, Li Haoyu), "Christian Position" The political implications of the concept of character: another look at Bonhoeffer (Li Wenyao), and "There was a play in the beginning: Balthasar's dramatic anthropology" (Peng Shengyou). There are also two discussion articles and several book reviews.
Welcome to purchase at our hospital or the Christian Book Room. For enquiries, please call the Publishing Office at 2768 5168.

Faculty Updates
  • Dr. Tang Shaoguang, Professor of Christian Thought (Theology and Culture), served as a lecturer at the "25th Anniversary Lecture of the School of Pastoral Theology" on March 6, with the theme "Speakers must be silent, listeners must practice - Preaching and Listening" 's theology".
  • Dr. Kwong Chun-wa, associate professor of Practical Theology (World Religions), served as a lecturer at the "Hong Kong Religious History Lecture Series" organized by the Center for Modern History Research of Hong Kong Baptist University on April 25. The theme was "Understanding the world's major religious traditions through doctrine and history." connection between".

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