The Bible, History, and Archaeology: Is There a Future for the Past?

The Bible, History, and Archeology: Is There a Future for the Past?


The nature and viability of “Biblical” archaeology is in question today. The original vision of WF Albright, which linked archaeology, history, and the Bible together has slowly eroded away under the modern pressures of fragmentation and critical research. The practical result is that a large gulf exists between archaeologists working in Israel and those in the strictly religious/church world who wish to use the results of archaeology to bolster the claims of their faith. While there can be no doubt that the older vision of integration was inadequate, and even misleading at times, the need for integration is greater than ever for the sake of both academic research in Biblical Studies and Christian religious life. However, this will require that all concerned gain a new understanding of the nature of biblical texts, historiography, and archaeological research.

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