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Privacy Statement

Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary implements policies and measures relating to the collection, use, protection and access of data in accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong).

1.Use and Purpose of Personal Data Collection
The Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary (The Seminary) collects your personal data through lawful and fair means. The use and purpose of the personal data collected is for handling your application(s) for program(s), seminar(s), camp(s), event(s), receiving information from The Seminary, job(s) and etc. as well as for processing donation(s) so that we can provide services, review services, conduct research(es) and survey(s), and act according to the regulations. Your provision of personal data is on a voluntary basis. If you do not provide adequate personal data, The Seminary may not be able to process your application(s) or provide necessary information or services.

2.Protection of Personal Data
The Seminary keeps all personal data confidential. Unless we receive prior consent from you, we shall only use the personal data for the use and purpose mentioned during the data collection or directly related to the use and purpose or the use and purpose that are allowed under the Ordinance. The Seminary shall adopt practicable arrangements to ensure the personal data collected are being protected and not being accessed, processed, deleted or affected by other uses that are unauthorized. Your personal data shall not be kept longer than is necessary to fulfill the use and purpose for which the data is to be collected.

3.Use and Disclosure of Personal Data
The personal data are kept for those whose work are required to know and use these data at The Seminary. In addition, The Seminary will disclose the data to the following organization(s) when necessary:

a) Other organization(s) that are related to your application(s) or required services such as government departments, non-governmental organizations, hospitals, schools and public utility companies and related companies, or
b) Person(s) / organization(s) that you give consent to disclose your personal data, or
c) Legally authorized or required person(s) / organization(s) whom we are under any requirements to disclose your personal data.
Under the above-mentioned conditions, the related parties can only use your personal data for specific use and purpose.

In addition, The Seminary may directly send information about its programs, seminars, camps, events, various ministerial work or various needs to you through mails, fax, phone calls, the Internet, social media and other communication means. If you exercise your opt-out right from The Seminary’s promotion messages, please inform The Seminary by phone: 2715 9511 or by email: inquiry@hkbts.edu.hk or by mail: 1 Nin Ming Road, Sai Kung (North), Sai O, New Territories, Hong Kong. The Seminary shall stop sending promotion messages upon receipt of your notification.

4.Access to and Correction of Personal Data
You have the right to access to and make corrections on the personal data kept by The Seminary except for the exemptions specified under the “Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance”. It shall not apply to the personal data that have been deleted after fulfilling its purposes. After you have settled the administrative fee, you will receive a copy of the personal data that you have requested. Your request regarding access to or correction of personal data should be made in writing. Upon receipt of your written request, The Seminary will give you a reply within 30 working days. According to the “Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance”, The Seminary may reject your request for correcting personal data under the following conditions:

a) The request is not in writing.
b) The Seminary is not satisfied that the personal data to which the request relates is inaccurate;
c) The Seminary is not supplied with such information as it may reasonably require to ascertain in what way the personal data to which the request relates is inaccurate.
d) The Seminary is not satisfied that the correction which is the subject of the request is accurate, or
e) Any other user controls the processing of the personal data to which the request relates in such a way as to prohibit The Seminary from complying with the request.

5.Data Transfer
If you settle a fee or make a donation through credit card, your credit card information may be transferred to a third party (such as a bank and/or a credit card company). Unless the law allows or stipulates, The Seminary shall not transfer your personal data to third part(ies) (which are not The Seminary’s employees or authorized person(s)). In addition, The Seminary’s website and social media platforms are connected to other websites through hyperlinks. This statement is not applicable to other third party websites. The Seminary cannot control how the third part(ies) collects and uses these data.

6.Use of Cookies
The Seminary’s website may use cookies to collect data related to how users use websites in order to help users re-connect to the mentioned site. The data collected from cookies will be used to improve the functions of the website. The arrangement and presentation of the information on the website is according to the analysis of the overall usage of the site. Users should take note that once you disable cookies, you may not be able to use some functions of the website.

Please make sure the personal data you provide are accurate. If you have enquiries on the application(s) that you have submitted or you would like to make corrections on the personal data that you have provided, please contact the department that collects your personal data. You can also contact the Administrative Affairs Department by phone: 2715 9511 or by email: inquiry@hkbts.edu.hk or by mail: Administrative Affairs Department, Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary, 1 Nin Ming Road, Sai Kung (North), Sai O, New Territories, Hong Kong.

The Seminary shall act according to its needs and comply with the “Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance” to update and amend this statement and make announcements on this website.

If there is any discrepancy between the English and the Chinese versions of the statement, the Chinese shall be the prevailing version.