Union Experience in Spirituality and Sexuality

Union Experience in Spirituality and Sexuality

PAN Yi Jung

The meaning of sex is multi-dimensional. In this paper, “sexuality” is considered as the appropriate word as we relate the broader understanding of sex to spirituality. Sexuality directs human being to seek for deeper union and desire for intimate communion with other people . In Christian spirituality, mutual indwelling articulates the mystical union and dynamic in Godhead. Triune God is the community of mutual indwelling and exists as loving communion. Human being is made in the image of God. In the relationship with God, spiritual growth of human person means a journey towards participating in God's loving communion and reaching the union with God. Therefore, sexuality is strongly interrelated with spirituality.
In this paper, by reflecting on increasing secularization in marriage and sexuality, I ask this question: “How to apply 'union with Godin love' to 'union with human being in love' from the insights of spiritual traditions in order to experience mystical and sacred dimensions in marriage and sexuality?” First, this essay examines the concept “union with God in love” from the perspective of mysticism. Furthermore, the allegorical exegesis of mystics is analyzed in describing their union progress and experience with God. Then, in order to explore the mystical and sacred dimensions in “union with human being in love,” this essay proposes to integrate typological and sacramental dimensions in constructing theological anthropology. Finally, some applications are suggested to pastoral ministries. This essay puts forwards various means for readers to enrich their understanding on transforming spirituality and to pursue authentic humanity in Jesus Christ.

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